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So this was what I was trying to write about a week ago when my world crashed around me. And maybe you’ve already heard it, but I still call it news.

AP ON TV MYSTERYFor those of you out there who are Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans, you’ll be thrilled to know that Mike Nelson, human star of the series, is one of us. Yes, he’s a bacon freak who’s willing to go the extra mile. How will he do that, you ask? By eating NOTHING BUT BACON FOR A MONTH. Did I say that loudly enough? Because I was mentally shouting at you to convey just how crazy this idea is. Beginning on February 1, Mike vowed to consume no other foods but the holiest of meats. I wonder if he ever saw Super Size Me.

In addition to this feat of strength, Mike has a number of other stories and posts about bacon, apparently one of his favorite subjects. In fact, he’s been blogging about bacon longer than we have. What do you think, shall we make him an honorary member of the society?

Big thanks to Chris for dropping this knowledge on us.

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