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Sometimes I’m sitting in my office, window open to allow in a cool breeze, and what wafts in instead? The smell of cooking bacon. I work downtown, and fairly close to several restaurants. This sensory distraction drives me insane and creates a false sense of starvation, even for the vegetarians in the office.


If this weren’t enough, G-Monkey Productions has come up with iBacon, an iPhone application that allows you to cook four sizzling strips of bacon, right on your phone. You can use the tongs to flip individual slices or all four at the same time. You can get grease splatters on your screen and remove them with a swipe of your finger. Drain your bacon grease, set off the smoke alarm…yep, sounds like a typical Saturday morning at my house. Finally, when the bacon is done to your liking, tip your phone up and chomp ’em down! Mmm…virtual bacon.

So this little game is totally amusing, and made just for me. Like iBeer was made for my husband. Problem is, even after watching the demo, I’m famished! Oh well, for just 99 cents, I’ll deal with the hunger to have a laugh.

Thanks, Mark, for sharing your product with the world!

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