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I think there are people out there who consider coffee to be their morning fuel. Can’t get started without it. Must have caffeine to function. I’m fortunate not to be in this classification. I no longer drink coffee every day and, in fact, sometimes go weeks without a cup. But when I do drink it, it’s usually just to delight my senses and treat myself. It’s given me a deep appreciation for the coffee or espresso drinks that I enjoy, and allows me to go all out when I do indulge.

This lovely Maple Bacon Morning blend from Boca Java intrigues me. Will it have the very present aroma of maple and bacon like vanilla and hazelnut coffees do? Will I sense smoke as well as sweetness? Most of the reviews it received were very positive, and people expressed surprise that it did indeed deliver on the syrup and bacon aroma. In fact, one person suggested this is the best coffee for a camping trip, and I can see that perfectly. My husband and I plan to do some winter camping, and I’m anxious to give this suggestion a try. Look for my personal review in the coming months.

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