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Here in the West, I think Sprinkles has become the cupcake standard. They make huge, beautiful cupcakes in lots of amazing flavors with every kind of colorful confetti topping you can imagine. Soon they’ll be expanding across the country and across the world, but they may have their competition cut out for them in Chicago.

More Cupcakes
makes treats that are not only beautiful, but truly unique. Yes, we know lots of people make a maple frosting, toss some bacon on top and call themselves mavericks. But where else can you go for a BLT cupcake that actually tastes like a fancy BLT? More has made the leap from purely sweet dessert cakes to savory cupcakes that look, well, good enough to eat. The cupcake pictured here includes chopped bacon, fresh mozzarella, a ripe slice of tomato and just a sprinkling of greens to bring it all together. The cake itself is not sweet, making it a light and ideal breakfast or lunch for busy people on the go. Personally, I think it’s brilliant and it’s going on my list of places to hit on my eating tour of America.

Check out this review of More Cupcakesfrom And if you happen to live in that area, please give them a try and send us a review of your own. Or, you know, some cupcakes. Whatever feels right.


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