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Blogging is hard work, you know? Eating bacon. Writing about eating bacon. Thinking about eating and writing about bacon. It wears on a girl.

We recently got a beautiful package in the mail from Leigh at Naughty Bits Brownies. And then we had to EAT BROWNIES. Geez. What more do you people want from us? And keep in mind that these were no ordinary brownies. These were Shiksa Bars, topped with maple-smoked bacon and bits of toffee. There was a lot of arm-twisting involved, but finally Naseem, Husband and I gathered round the table to fight over share these fudgy treats. All for your benefit, The Internet. You’re welcome.

The first thing we noticed about the individually wrapped brownies was their weight. These are some hefty squares; we were a little intimidated. The very next thing that drew us in was the amazing, chocolatey aroma. This is what you want your whole house to smell like all day, every day. Our taste buds started screaming for their turn. We decided, based on what we’d experienced so far, that we better split one. It turned out to be a smart decision.

I’ll start with our favorite thing, which was the incredibly rich, almost fudge-like density. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to brownies, but all three of us loved this one. Moist, super-chocolatey…better than eating my favorite candy bar. What’s not to love? And now here’s where our tastes diverge. I’m not a huge fan of frosting or extraneous toppings on my cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. (Ice cream doesn’t count as a topping, Husband! Ice cream lives on the side.) So as I was saying, I probably would have preferred the basic Man Catcher (a la mode). Naseem and Husband, on the other hand, loved the toffee and thought it enhanced the brownie experience. Who are we kidding…I didn’t exactly scrape it off mine.

Now for the thing we’re all here for: the bacon. Unfortunately, this was our least favorite feature. It had the extra-chewy consistency of bacon jerky, which hasn’t scored high marks with us either. I thought it also lacked the saltiness I was looking for. I completely get it; crispy cooked bacon doesn’t exactly have a long shelf-life. Finding just the right bacon product for retail sweets is no easy task. That said, the toffee pretty well dominated the topping region, keeping the bacon from being too troublesome. And it certainly didn’t stop us from completely devouring that baby. By the following mid-morning, all three brownies were gone. I’m not saying who ate them? I’m just saying…

Naughty Bits Brownies come in six different, unique flavors, and you can order them in cutely packaged boxes of 6 ($21) or 12 ($41). You can get all one style or mix and match…heck, try them all! I’m imagining each would fit just perfectly in the toe of a stocking.

Don’t forget to check out the Bacon Store for more stocking-stuffer ideas. It’s December 1st people! Those presents aren’t going to buy themselves!

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