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Hey Internet, we made it to 100 posts! I must admit that when we started this venture, I wasn’t sure how many new and exciting bacon finds there could be, but the hits just keep on coming! Thanks for reading and sending in so many great ideas. We couldn’t have done it without you.

And now to celebrate this milestone, a slice of bacon heaven. I cannot tell you how both my stomach and brain reacted to this new wonder. Needless to say there was much salivating and dying to know how I could get ahold of it. This is even better than Bacon Pizza.

Bacon. Coated in corndog batter and French fries. On a stick. ZOMG!

My favorite thing about this blog post is that it comes with a recipe! Yes! I can make this insane creation at home. But I probably have to wait until the husband leaves town. I’m not sure he’ll approve of me trying to induce simultaneous heart attacks. Who wants to come over and try this monster with me? I totally dare you.

Photo and ingenuity courtesy of The Last Appetite.

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