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bacon-shotsAt the request of our new friends at, we made bacon shots available to our Bacon Day guests. Seemed like a great idea, since we were serving bacon vodka anyway, so we agreed and we asked people for their reviews. Here’s how that story went down.

First of all, we ordered two bottles of Bakon Vodka, because we wanted people to have the opportunity to try this internet sensation, and because we thought it would be perfect for the bacon shot. Sadly, though we ordered the bottles weeks in advance, the vodka never showed. We were sorely disappointed. When it STILL hadn’t shown a week AFTER the event, we asked for a refund. They gave it to us, so we’re over it.

What this means is that for the bacon shot, we had to use the Skyy Vodka I had infused with bacon at home. I know, I know. Why didn’t we buy better vodka in the first place? Well, because we were on a budget and the vodka was going to be severely mixed and tampered with, so we didn’t think it mattered. And maybe it didn’t really…I’m not a fan of drinking even the best vodka straight. But it may be true that this experiment would have gone better with a bottle of Grey Goose or even Ketel One. Trust me when I say, we will never know.

bacon-shots-aerialWhen we got together with our bartenders and volunteers before the event, there was much debate about whether we should make people use a drink ticket for these shots. I was dead against it because I actually wanted people to TRY it. Others thought, hey! Free alcohol? People will take dozens! In the end, we made them available without a drink ticket, a nice little freebie to make sure everyone’s throat burned for at least a moment during the day. Good thing we did.

The shot started with some crisp-fried bacon, cut into slivers. Top it with vodka and voila! Liquid death! No, actually, I went in with the strategy to throw it back hard, making sure to get all the bacon in my mouth. OnceI swallowed the vodka, I chewed on the bacon for a salty chaser. It made the whole thing easier, I thought. I don’t think a single person agreed with me. Here were some of the colorful comments:

“I didn’t like it. It burned my throat.”

“I’m sorry, that was just nasty.”

“Why would you do that to me?! Did I insult you in some way?”

“Tastes like ass.”

dsc_0013So there you have it. I was the bacon shot’s biggest fan, and that ain’t sayin’ much. But please don’t let me discourage you from taking the bacon shot challenge. Let us know what you think…I can always use a good laugh. Thanks again to our wonderful bartenders: Sheri, Julia and Krista. Your smiling faces made these disgusting shots go down a little easier.


  • E.Lee says:

    Don’t give up! What about bacon spiced rum shots? Or using the bacon vodka in a bloody mary? I’m not a big booze fan (haha, ok, that’s a lie. I just can’t do shots), but if you figure out a way to make it tastily infused w/bacon, I’m in.

    • Marianne says:

      We actually did do bloody marys at the event, but most people said the bacon flavor wasn’t evident. Which is probably because we had some kick ass bartenders who knew how to make a nice, spicy bloody mary. But we’ll keep trying! I don’t have much choice…I have a giant bottle of bacon vodka in my freezer!

  • Scott Mason says:

    Being a big vodka and working in liquor for ten years and, I will say your first mistake was the Skyy. Even though I’m an even bigger fan of bacon, not even that can make a shot of Skyy bearable. It’s most certainly the absolute worst (excluding the $6 plastic jugs practically on the floor ofcourse).

    I would recommend Kettle One. Pricier, but very much worth the money.

  • Scott Mason says:

    Oh yeah, and I had ordered some Bakon the day before the out of stock notice went up on their site. Almost 2 months later… it’s not sitting on my kitchen table and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

  • Scott Mason says:

    “it’s now”

  • Mara says:

    There’s a restaurant in Austin that has bacon-infused vodka AND whiskey. They’re both friggin’ awesome, and I don’t even like whiskey.

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