Bacon as Yarn

Bacon as Yarn

bacon-knitI can’t tell you how often I almost start my posts with the word “wow.” I write it and then erase it thinking, “you can’t say that every day.” And yet while adventuring through the world of bacon, I often think it…WOW! Yesterday was no different. Naseem sent me a link to The Bacon Knit, a crazy piece of handicraft accomplished with chopsticks. This is taking the bacon scarf to a whole new level. Its creator, Wing, is clearly a genius of either the creative or evil variety, I can’t tell which…

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  1. This looks like a new and interesting way to maybe do a bacon fondu. Hmmm maybe that’s a new bacon day dish, bacon fondu…

    • Oooh, genius Alexa! I’m actually going to try out a Bacon Day recipe this week, but that’s as much as I can reveal at this time… :)


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