Bacon Haikus and Zombies

Bacon Haikus and Zombies

I love haiku. It’s a poetry form that requires discipline, but only briefly. Like a tiny sudoku or a 24-tile Rubik’s cube. Once, during a particularly stressful time at work, my bo

ss and I relieved our stress by exchanging daily haikus about our aggravation. Good times. So you can imagine my delight when Naseem stumbled on this fabulous blog made up of…you guessed it, bacon haikus. How I love it.


This haiku here is awesome because it combines bacon haiku and zombies, another favorite of mine. Would a zombie really choose bacon over brains? A smart zombie would. A smart BACON zombie would. Love to wear your bacon/zombie art? Well now you can with this fabulous t-shirt. Seriously, this is like the best day for bacon and zombies ever.

Think it couldn’t go any farther? Wrong. How about this piece by Azelyn found at Sheezyart?



  1. Zombies-schmombies- the bacon haiku about that little kid with a cooking show is one of the funniest freaking things I have ever read in my life. Where do you find this shit?

    • Naseem is Zen Master of all things bacon on the Internet…they just flow to her. She’s constantly sending me amazing new things.

  2. How funny, btw I have been meaning to get back here and see what the bacon’er has been up too. I was just talking about you to someone the other day!

    I have a food poetry blog, I may have to post this to that…if you do not mind!


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