Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching…kids are getting ready for another school year, parents are thanking heaven that summer is finally over, and we’re all planning our BBQ menus. For an added bonus, Saturday, August 30 is International Bacon Day! (Visit this link for good ideas on how to celebrate.) So clearly, all grill-related cooking should celebrate the wrappable pork product that makes our lives so meaningful.

My brother-in-law Sean first introduced me to this recipe, but I was able to find it on the web at My Wooden Spoon, complete with step-by-step photo instructions. It is my belief that every recipe worth trying should have step-by-step photos. It is Sean’s belief that every BBQ should begin with this tasty treat.

Basically, you cut your jalapenos in half and scoop out all the seeds and membrane. Fill with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, hold together with toothpick and grill (or bake in oven as the recipe suggests). Amazingly easy, incredibly delicious. These would make a great party appetizer or could be served right alongside the main dishes.

If anyone has any other great recipes to share for International Bacon Day, please send them our way! The more we share, the better a holiday it will be!


  1. Thanks for the mention!!! I LOVE ME SOME BACON:)

  2. These are by far my favorite! My next favorite is bacon with brown sugar, cayenne pepper, with apples. yumm.

  3. Jalapeno poppers are a big time favorite of mine, so this chicken dish really excites me! I will be bookmarking it to make very soon!


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