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Everywhere you look these days, the partnership between bacon & eggs is being celebrated. Easily bacon’s most common companion, the egg has a sunny attitude that perfectly complements bacon’s crispy outlook. Here are a few great items for the upcoming gifting season.

The Sunny Side Up Tee from Urban Outfitters.

The Bacon & Egg Bag from Perpetual Kid.


We’re all familiar by now with bacon bandages, but these Bacon and Egg Bandages from Spitfire Girl take it a step farther. Those little egg bandages would be the perfect thing to ward off a heel blister while you break in a new pair of shoes.


And finally here’s a cute pair of Bacon & Egg Earrings from Shanalogic. These made-to-order danglies would make a great gift for that special bacon-lover in your life.

Thanks to for introducing us to these fun new products.



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