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We recently entered a contest hosted by our sponsor, Foodbuzz. It was a BACON recipe contest, and we felt it would be an embarrassment not to enter. Because, you know, we’re a bacon blog. We were not victorious (an outrage!) but I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the entry that won (drat! justification!) The winning entry came from San Diego food blog, Kirbie’s Cravings, and reading it made me super hungry. If you like bacon and eggs, you really should go check out this fun, creative recipe.

Kirbie’s Fried Bacon Eggs were a twist on a recipe she had eaten at a restaurant and then found on another blog. But I’ll tell you what they really remind me of: Scotch Eggs. Scotch eggs are boiled eggs, wrapped in bulk breakfast sausage, and then deep-fried. My parents used to get them in English pubs in the early 70s, although I couldn’t locate a single one when I was in London in 2009. Anyhow, we moved to California in 1975, and my dad would occasionally get nostalgic for pub grub and make a big batch of Scotch eggs for dinner. (Yes, you see where I got my healthy eating habits from.) I never really liked them, but that’s because I don’t like sausage. And now I have a solution. I’m thrilled that Kirbie has found a way for me to embrace this little bit of my childhood, but in a much more delicious way.

Kirbie, I’m giving it up to you. The better recipe won!

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