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As you may have guessed by, oh I don’t know, maybe my bacon blog, I am a salty person. I like the occasional sweet, but I’m really more about a good cut of meat, a rich pasta sauce or a buttery baked potato. (I must make an exception for ice cream…i could eat chocolate flake ice cream ’til it runs out my ears.) Anyway, I’ve never liked things that were over-sweet, and baklava has certainly never appealed to me. Gives me a toothache just thinking about it.

Amazingly, the genius blogger behind Holy Shitake has found a way to make baklava tempting to the saltiest of us. Maple syrup and lots of bacon make this version even more exotic than the original. You can find the recipe here, and just take a look around her site. Neither a professional cook nor critic, this self-proclaimed “Chinese American Princess” has a knack for finding delicious foods, recipes and products. And I might add, she has a good nose for bacon.


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