Want the great taste of bacon in your recipes, but don’t want to deal with the greasy mess of frying actual bacon? Well Minor’s has just the thing for you! This Nestle affiliate has created Bacon Base, a “savory bacon paste made with USDA inspected bacon and ham.” So I’m guessing this is something akin to bacon bouillon cubes, only it comes in a tub. And is a paste. Yikes.

If you go to the Amazon link and check out the product description, it calls this paste “Southern-style seasoning.” I know they like to use bacon in the South, but this isn’t really what comes to mind when I think “Southern-style.” I think Cajun spices. I think gumbo and crawfish and just about anything deep-fried. I think of Paula Deen using a whole pound of butter to make grits, but not so much bacon paste.

However, there is one review on Amazon, and the reviewer said the product is great for gravy, gumbo and green beans, so what do I know? Maybe bacon base is hiding in the depths of every Southern dish I’ve ever had, inconspicuously providing the salty goodness I crave. Maybe this is the secret to great cooking and I’ve been missing out all this time. Honestly, I think I’d rather let this continue to be one of life’s great mysteries.