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p1010202.JPGI just realized that one of reasons I’m so obsessed with bacon is that my husband is an enabler. He finds more and more ways to use the magical meat in recipes I would never have considered. This week, after a particularly difficult day, I came home to a lovely meal featuring the bacon delight pictured here.

I’m a huge fan of caprese salad…I just love that a “salad” can have cheese as its main component. We had the mozzarella and the tomatoes, but sadly we were lacking for basil. Where I would have rushed to the market to procure the missing ingredient, my husband simply looked at it as a chance to improvise. In this case, he diced and fried a couple slices of bacon, and went forward with the rest of the preparation as usual. Topped with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of pepper, I assure you I did not miss the basil one bit.

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