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This image could totally go under bacon porn for me. This rich, delicious chocolate dessert is the Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar from Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles. Located on Fairfax just a couple blocks from hipster joints like Largo’s little theatre and Canter’s, this restaurant is sure to be a smash!

The two dudes behind this chocolately bacon creation are, well, Two Dudes Catering, renegade Hollywood caterers and now owners and chefs of Animal. And soon they’ll be world-famous when Food Network releases their docu-series based on the boys on October 16. Before that, you can buy their new cookbook, Two Dudes, One Pan, due in stores next week! Exciting times for a couple of dudes for Florida.

According to a review of the new Animal Restaurant, L.A. Times food critic S. Irene Virbila found the meat-centric restaurant a bit too much. Too rich. Too heavy. Too salty and sweet and lacking in vegetables. Maybe it’s not the place you want to go for a cool summer meal, but come this fall it will be the perfect place for a carnivore’s comfort food. And the best part is, she gave “best dish” props to the Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar.

I do believe I’ll give this restaurant a go next time I’m in the L.A. area. Of course by then they’ll be so famous I’ll need to call weeks in advance to get a table. I think I’m up to the challenge.

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  • Annakate says:

    Hello Marianne,

    My name is Annakate and I recently noticed your post on the Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar at Animal Restaurant in LA, and it looks delicious! There’s a chocolate bar native to Chicago that includes bacon and it is one of my favorites. 🙂 Your post made my mouth water!

    As a fellow food lover who works with the National Pork Board, I wanted to send you a Happy Bacon Day wish. That’s right, Saturday, August 30, is International Bacon Day! With its irresistible slightly sweet, yet salty crunch, I personally think it should be celebrated year-round (!), but nonetheless, I thought International Bacon Day was something you would be interested in.
    If you get a moment, check out It’s a great resource for all things pork, including info on different types of bacon plus a variety of bacon recipes (from breakfast, lunch and even a dessert similar to the one in your post). Also, check out for more info on the holiday itself.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Take care,
    Annakate Tefft

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