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Santa Barbara has seen a rash of mobile food eateries pop up in the past year or so, as seen here in John Dickson’s Food Truck Guide. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest things that can happen to any city. I love street food vendors, and although we have city ordinances that keep them from remaining very stationary, at least we have twitter so we can find them on the move!

I bring this up today because John just clued us in to a new artisan ice cream truck called Sugar & Salt Creamery. I’ve been obsessed with ice cream lately; perhaps it’s this lovely summer heat. My local favorite, McConnell’s, generally has a line out the door, so I’m grateful to find a new alternative.

So what does this have to do with bacon? I’m glad you asked. While the flavors offered by Sugar & Salt will be ever-changing, their current list of offerings includes a Maple Brown Sugar Bacon ice cream. Maple, bacon’s most common sweet/salt partner, just isn’t my favorite. I’m sorry; you’d think it would have grown on a person like me, but it hasn’t. Fortunately, there are other sugary flavors that do work for my taste buds. Caramel is one, brown sugar is another. So maybe this will be the bacon ice cream that finally wins me over. I’ll certainly do my duty and give it a try.

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  • bonappetina says:

    I love crushing up chocolate-dipped bacon from Bacon Forever.Com into vanilla or caramel cone ice cream!!! Soooo good! More bacon please!

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