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bacon-labelI’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy Dave’s Cupboard. This New Englander is a truly gifted cook who seems to give instructions on everything I’ve ever wanted to know, like how to make your own bacon. He’s also a food enthusiast who goes out of his way to give a solid review of every food he encounters, both good and bad. There’s always something new to read on his blog, and I’m constantly telling myself, “I’m going to try that!” when I read his recipes.

And now something I didn’t realize about Dave: he has an entire blog dedicated to bacon labels. Yes, the Bacon Label Gallery is another genius idea that I didn’t think of first, and another reason to admire my online foodie mentor. (If I ever get around to that driving tour of the Eastern seabord, I’m going to take this man and his family to lunch.) Check out his collection and see if your favorite is there. And if it’s not, keep watching…he’ll probably find it eventually.

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