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We recently received a delightful surprise in the mail from Das Foods: the Man Bait Lollipop! Das Foods specializes in lots of gourmet goodies including a variety of caramels, lollipops and sea salts. For obvious reasons, Founder and CEO Katie Das thought we might like to try her Maple Bacon lolli, and she was right!

man-bait-openUpon our first taste we noticed the same thing: tastes sweet like maple syrup, smells smoky. Like so many smoke-enhanced items, you’re not sure if you’re tasting the smoke or just smelling it…it seems to reach the back of your sinuses through your mouth. And like many such products, we weren’t quite sure how that made us feel. But as the tasting went on, we both had an opinion. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t dip my bacon in my syrup…just not my thing. But I have to say, this sucker grew on me. As I worked my way through the outer layers, the little flecks of bacon became evident and I started to taste their saltiness. It was not overpowering, but the more I could taste the bacon, the better I liked it. I also liked the texture of the bacon. The bits were miniscule, but definitely meaty and wholly enjoyable. Toward the end, just like the Tootsie Pop owl, I went ahead and crunched it, and it was good.

Naseem wasn’t as crazy about it as I was. She liked it for a while, but then it was just too sweet for her. She’s not a big fan of sweets to begin with, and would never, for instance, drown her pancakes in syrup. I asked her if she would like it more if the bacon had a bigger presence. She wasn’t sure…the sweet would still be just as sweet. So if you’re not a fan of lollipops in general, then be warned that this is still a lolli — just with bacon added. But if you are lolli fan, you can enjoy these candies made with all natural ingredients and no corn syrup. Dang! It’s practically health food!

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