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bacon-shotI don’t speak German, but I’m an instant fan of this very simple website with a singular purpose: to teach you how to make a bacon vodka shot. It’s, and it’s beautiful. Considering that bacon vodka (and Bakon Vodka) will be featured at Bacon Day this year, this site is particularly timely.

bacon-shot-baconJust look at that gorgeous bacon. Doesn’t it make you thirsty??




Wait. What did he do with this tiny glass of bacon grease? Anyone? Beuller?

I wanted to post every photo from this site, but you can go check it out yourselves. It’s a German masterpiece, much like a Durer painting, but without all the religious iconography. And much, MUCH more bacony.

Editor’s note: So I’m an idiot? Who doesn’t know how to do research before writing? Naseem tells me this site is actually Danish and not German…and that there’s a translation available here. Tilgive mig, Nordisk.

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  • I am the author of What you are witnessing, is the worlds first community drink. There are no commercial restrictions and the entire concept is non-commercial an non-profit. Anyone can make the drink at home at at their own liking, and share the experience with everyone in the shoutbox on the site or on facebook or other community sites.
    What do the users of the most distinguished Royal Bacon Society think ? Has anyone tried the recipe ? Wht do YOU think ?

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