bacon-shotI don’t speak German, but I’m an instant fan of this very simple website with a singular purpose: to teach you how to make a bacon vodka shot. It’s, and it’s beautiful. Considering that bacon vodka (and Bakon Vodka) will be featured at Bacon Day this year, this site is particularly timely.

bacon-shot-baconJust look at that gorgeous bacon. Doesn’t it make you thirsty??




Wait. What did he do with this tiny glass of bacon grease? Anyone? Beuller?

I wanted to post every photo from this site, but you can go check it out yourselves. It’s a German masterpiece, much like a Durer painting, but without all the religious iconography. And much, MUCH more bacony.

Editor’s note: So I’m an idiot? Who doesn’t know how to do research before writing? Naseem tells me this site is actually Danish and not German…and that there’s a translation available here. Tilgive mig, Nordisk.