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You know how when one vampire movie (or zombie movie, or movie about Truman Capote) comes out, suddenly there are one or two others within the next 12 months? Like, everyone had this great idea right around the same time for some weird reason? Well, apparently bacon-scented soap is an idea whose time has come.

man-soapWe begin with a new product from Cindy at Soapourri. She has a variety 3-pack of Man Soap (scroll down a bit), including not only bacon, but also rum & lime (yum) and Dirty Boy, which includes coffee grounds, pumice and the scent of motor oil! Super inventive and exfoliating! Count my man in. And just so your guy doesn’t feel weird about getting soap in his stocking, it comes wrapped in manly camo paper, tied with minimalist twine.

And of course, never to be outdone by the little guy, and always excessively overboard on all things bacon-kitsch, Archie McPhee took it a step further by making soap that smells and kinda looks like bacon. This embossed bar comes in the ever popular McPhee tin, giving you somewhere to keep your collection of spent shell casings . You manly man, you.

If Taco Bell has it right, we ladies should be using this soap to draw men to our heavenly aroma. Wait, did I just suggest that women take dating advice from Taco Bell? I think I’m high on liquid smoke. Someone needs some coffee, STAT.

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