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bacon-world-3DUDES! Have you seen this?! I am often overwhelmed by what people are able to capture with a good camera and lenses, but this absolutely takes the cake. London photographer Carl Warner captured these amazing landscapes, made entirely of cold cuts and bread products. I adore the bacon trees and prosciutto river…I can’t stop looking at this!

bacon-world-1You have to check out this site for a quick rundown of some more incredible foodscapes by Carl, including plenty for you vegetarians out there. There’s a gourd boat afloat on a wild sea of cabbage, an arid plane of alien-looking mushrooms, and a brocolli forest just waiting for a troop of Keebler elves. And that’s just the beginning. Most of the images I could stare at for an hour and keep finding new food elements.

Thanks to Maurie and Unusual Life for bringing this art to our attention.

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