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goodbaconfudgeI’m loving bloggers this week. Yesterday, of course, was a heart-attack recipe from SOT, and today I have to draw your attention once again to the Ridiculous Food Society of Upstate New York. Mr. Dave constantly cracks me up, and last weekend he did it again. He wrapped bacon around an E.L.Fudge cookie. He ate it, he liked it, he stands by his recipe. That man is an innovator.

I love those Keebler elves as much as anybody, but it never occurred to me to attempt an improvement on their cookie perfection. What’s next, prosciutto-wrapped Sandies? Chips Deluxe pizza? You never know with the RFS.

Speaking of the Keeblers, did you hear about the E.L.Fudge finger controversy of 2005? Sounds like unsafe working conditions to me.

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