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You know what goes great with bacon? (Ummm…everything?) Yeah well, this time I was thinking of bacon’s cousin, the pork roast. I’ve seen a lot of recipes lately for bacon-wrapped pork roasts of various cuts, but I must admit the pork tenderloin makes the most sense to me. Most pork cuts have a decent amount of fat to help them stay moist and delicious during just about any method of cooking. But the tenderloin is so lean and perfect that wrapping it up in strips of fat makes sense. Delicious, smoky sense.

So you can find recipes for oven-roasting, crock-potting or bbqing said roast, but the bbq method looks the most impressive to me. I love the flavor you get from cooking almost anything over flames, but by wrapping almost anything in bacon, you get double the smoke, and ten times the flavor.

It’s technically still summer for a couple of weeks, so I think I’ll take advantage of those last few hours of evening sunlight to grill this recipe soon. But come fall and winter, I’ll be more than happy to have the smell of bacon and pork roast warming my cozy little house. I’m confident that this is a food for all seasons.

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