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bacontwitsIf you’re reading this blog, there’s a chance you like bacon. If you follow more than one blog, there’s a chance you also like other time-wasting, Internet-based nonsense, like Facebook and Twitter. If any or all of those things are true about you, then you should check out BaconTwits. Sounds like a nickname Mel Gibson might give me.

I myself am often mystified by the myriad of online social scenes and cocktail parties that seem to constantly pop up. Let’s face it, I ask Naseem for help with at least one post a week, and I’m just writing stuff and posting images. I get on Facebook and wonder what I’m really supposed to be doing there. I sometimes fail at posting comments on my friends blogs. But something about Twitter just reels me in. I don’t tweet much myself, but I follow several tweeters (twitterers?) and love hearing the thoughts that randomly pop into a person’s head, especially when that person is funny. Or mildly senile.

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