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How do I feel this morning? Outdone, that’s how. The amazing minds at Epic Nomz have created a burger so beautiful, so mouth-wateringly lovely to think about, I can hardly stand it. Once again, a bacon recipe that has me dreaming of dinner before I’ve even eaten breakfast. This burger is called the Brooklynite, and you can’t see the cheese because it’s INSIDE! Dang.

The genius behind this burger, besides all the high-quality, fresh ingredients, is that the bacon is coated in chocolate. And when placed atop a warm burger, the chocolate begins to melt and becomes a more integral part of the whole nomming experience. Strangely, this description got me thinking of how much I might like to substitute peanut butter for chocolate…kind of an Elvisburger. Or maybe add peanut butter to the existing recipe as a condiment.

And now I am drooling shamelessly on my keyboard. Apparently I’m going to go make myself a bacon cheeseburger for breakfast.

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