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When you’re really into a thing, sometimes you want to wear your love on your sleeve. Or, in this case, on your feet. I give you the Eggs & Bacon Hi-Top, a style for any occasion.

I’m a huge Converse fan and have been wearing Chuck Taylor’s since I was 12, so I wasn’t terribly surprised to find that Converse was the company to make the leap into breakfast fashion. I’m especially fond of the plastic picnic table cloth motif on which the bacon & eggs are set. And the yellow trim and laces really emphasize those sunny-side up yolks. The only thing that could make these shoes better is a little scratch ‘n’ sniff technology. I’m giving them an A+, winner through and through.

Unfortunately, this must have been a limited edition design because I haven’t been able to find them for purchase. If anyone out there knows where they can be found, please report back. In the meantime, let’s go get some breakfast. For some reason I’m suddenly starving.

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  • ricky says:

    i have a pair size 10 i am willing to sell they are in good condition only been worn one time maby we can make a deal

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