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Back in February we got an email from Eric, the Artistic Director at a company called Ginch Gonch. And what does this interestingly-named company make? Underwear. And not just any underwear; super cool undies with great shape and hip designs. Eric told us this story: “This time last year, when it was time for me t


o design the next collection, I happened upon your website and got totally excited at the idea of wearing bacon. Since I design underwear, and the theme of that collection was ‘I LOVE,’ and I happen to ADORE bacon well you can imagine the rest.”

Wait. Did he just say that RBS inspired a design for his new underwear line? Indeed he did. We blushed. We giggled. We have literally never been so flattered in our lives. Eric offered to send us a couple pair to try out, and we absolutely love them! We toyed with the idea of modeling them for you, but apparently all that bacon is catching up with my ass. There will be no “Girls of RBS” calendar this year, folks.

I don’t think the bacon design is available for purchase just yet, but when they are, I highly recommend these undies in either girl or boy cut. I took the boy cut for myself and it’s like having your butt hugged all day. Need I say more?



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