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I know the 4th of July was almost a week ago, and that by posting a week late I seem deeply ungrateful for my many liberties, but that popcorn post was really important. Plus? I was too hungover on Sunday night to prepare a real post for Monday. Sue me.

bacon-raw-pileOur holiday was super fun-filled and friend-packed and started, appropriately, with a mountain of bacon. The soon-to-be-newlywed Therese and Murray threw a smashing brunch at their new house. Honestly, how two people can have just moved into a new house, be planning a wedding, and still host a party is beyond all human comprehension. They are super heroes of entertainment, and I think they know it.

bacon-on-bbqWhile guests brought fruit and champagne and the occassional breakfast bread pudding, Murese (their Hollywood name) anchored the meal with never-ending pancakes, scrambled eggs, tater tots, and pounds and pounds of Daily’s Hardwood Smoked Center Cut bacon. We served Daily’s pepper bacon at our first Bacon Day, and it’s a great, well-rounded brand that I would happily buy again, especially when cooking in bulk. Murray was on meat detail, and did a great job of cooking it just right, not too crispy, not too chewy. I wish I had a photo of the chef at work, but I was just so mesmerized by the bacon…

Let’s see, what else happened that day…I remember a beach, a boat, some fireworks. Lots of people were there. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I had a great time. I know one thing for sure: freedom has never been more delicious.


  • MuRDog says:

    This is a brilliant article—I had no idea you were taking notes. And this Murese couple, I must meet them.

    • Marianne says:

      Really you must. They’re simply fabulous. I hear they’re making me dinner when all this wedding stuff is behind them…

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