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I’ve been hearing for months that the west coast is in for an epic El Nino winter, and it looks like maybe it’s finally starting. With rain and clouds predicted for this entire week, I think I’ll put on something cozy and have a cup of tea.

And speaking of soothing hot beverages, 52 Teas has joined us here in baconland with their very own maple bacon tea. It’s a base of black tea cut with imitation bacon bits, and infused with maple and bacon flavors. Doesn’t that just sound like breakfast in a mug? I really liked Boca Java’s Maple Bacon Coffee but thought it could have used a stronger bacon flavor. With black tea, the bacon may be able to shine a little more, so I’m going to give it a try. Naseem and I will give you a full review after it arrives.

If you’re a tea fanatic, you really should check out 52 Teas. They’ve got a wide variety of unique tea flavors like malted chocolate, pumpkin pie and banana split, along with all the tradition flavors you love. Perfect for cold winter mornings and evenings. Also a thoughtful gift for your friends that won’t break the bank.

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