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bacon-buttonCheerio! Royal Bacon Society is back from our European Vacation! (Naseem, by the by, has never seen European Vacation and never laughed once when I said, “Look Naseem, Big Ben. Parliament.” I started feeling kind of stupid after the 10th attempt to make that one fly.)

Anywho, it was a fabulous trip and I cannot tell you how proud I am of my English heritage. Turns out I come by my love of bacon honestly…those Brits just ADORE it! Bacon rolls, bacon turnovers, bacon on every sandwich and in half the pasties. We had an English breakfast each morning that included a big slice of very salty bacon that more closely resembled ham, but was welcome and delicious none the less. The only thing that could improve upon it was the entire teapot of English breakfast tea that I also consumed every morning. Between the two of us, we had a serious tea party. I’m officially hooked.

Paris, on the other hand, not such a bacon hot spot. Their lardons are thick little bacon nubs that always include a chunk of fat and never seem to be cooked well enough. We stuck to the amazing variety of ethnic foods and fell in love with the duck confit, but I was very happy to get home to my thick-cut Trader Joe’s bacon on Friday.

Special thanks to Paige for acting as our unofficial tour guide in London. (That big tip is on its way, I swear!) I’ll be back later this week with some of our photos, and an update about Bacon Day 2009!

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