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frying-baconSo you’re all familiar with my experiments in making Bacon Bourbon. I did it a few times and although it was alright, it wasn’t exactly addicting. Although I never did make a bacon maple Manhattan, which is still on my to-do list.

This year for Bacon Day we decided on a brunch theme specifically so we could try out Bloody Marys made with bacon-infused vodka. We have ordered a couple bottles of Bakon Vodka, but we want people to have the chance to sip that, unadulterated, and tell us what they think. With that in mind, I have the task of infusing lots more vodka with bacon before the big day arrives. Last night I did my first batch.

Because we’re talking double-sized bottles of vodka, I started with four slices of bacon and added a little reserved bacon grease. I fried it up good and crispy, extracting as much grease and flavor as possible.

I didn’t want to put all four slices of bacon in the vodka, so Brutus helped me dispose of the extra meat.


I’m using a big mixing bowl because I don’t have any double-sized pitchers. In goes the grease and bacon…


…followed by vodka. I let it sit for a couple hours, then stuck it in the freezer overnight.


Ugh, the romance is over. Why does bacon grease look so unappealing when frozen on a lake of vodka? Or is it just the harsh light of morning that’s making me feel this way? No. Definitely the disgusting coagulated grease.


Much as I would love to tell you I mixed up a cocktail right then and there for breakfast, that would be a lie. Basically all that followed was a lot of straining and putting of vodka back into its bottle. This process will be repeated tonight and Wednesday, for my freezer is small and full of bacon.

For a flavor review, you’ll have to wait until Bacon Day 2009 is over. I’ll share with you my own thoughts, and the sure-to-be-varied opinions of our guests. Can’t wait!!

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