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pops-logoJust before the holidays, we were fortunate to be contacted by the good folks at Pop’s Authentic, a company that makes artisan jerky and meat snack in New Franklin, Missouri. They asked if we’d like to try their product (specifically their Bacon Snack Stick) and I enthusiastically accepted. When the package arrived, I was thrilled to find a sampling of their snack stick flavors, including original, peppered, habanero and of course bacon.

It took my husband all of 5 seconds to tear into one. They look similar to a Slim Jim, which had me wary, but believe me, looks are where the comparison ends. We started with the original. It tastes like a nice smoked summer sausage, and has a nice, firm texture. It’s like having a small reminder of summer BBQs in the dead of winter. The peppered stick had a tiny bit of spice to it, and the habanero a bit more, but neither would really fit my description of “spicy.” We just eat things really hot at our house.

bacon-snack-sticksAnd then we tried the bacon. This was our favorite by far. Again, it had the flavor of  a smoked sausage, but it was a bit sweeter, like there was a hint of maple to it. I’m definitely ordering these to keep around the house because they’re a great carb-free snack. Low in fat and high in protein, each stick has 80 calories and zero carbs. The sodium is a bit high at 280 mg, but when you’re a salt freak like me, it comes with the territory.

All of Pop’s snack sticks come in boxes of 12 for $13.80. As a special offer to our readers, when you order two boxes you’ll get a third free! To place an order, just go here and enter the promo code POPS. And tell them RBS sent you!

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