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maple-bacon-coffeeIt was way back in November when we featured Boca Java’s Maple Bacon Morning coffee. I think I ordered it that very day, it just sounded too irresistible. When it arrived, I was thrilled to find it had a one-way air release valve so you could squeeze the bag and get a whiff of it’s not-so-delicate aroma. More like a smack in the face with a fluffy, maple-syruped pancake. The bouquet on this bag is definitely delicious, but I was careful not to squeeze it too many times. Save some maple for the cup!

I planned to take the coffee on a camping trip that never materialized, so my husband and I finally busted into it this week. I tried to take photos to capture the experience, but the only camera I had on-hand just didn’t do it justice. So try to visualize: the beans were of medium darkness, and shone like polished gems. They looked like they were actually coated in maple syrup. I was afraid it would leave lots of sticky residue in our coffee grinder, but to the contrary it actually lifted out the leftover grinds that were already there. Curious!

The smell: not just maple, but warm pancakes with butter and fresh, warm maple syrup. If I wasn’t hungry before I made this coffee, I was now. But where was the bacon?

The taste: My husband said he couldn’t taste the bacon immediately, but as he kept sipping, it became more apparent. Almost overwhelming. He didn’t know if he could drink anymore. But then he made another, stronger pot this morning, so he must have gotten over it. As for me, I never did taste the bacon in the cup. I definitely tasted the pancakes and they were delicious, like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory. But that’s where it ended. I was disappointed, but had one more thought. I ate a bean. And there it was. The shiny bean was not sticky, but coated with a sweet and smoky oil that brought the whole thing together. It was bacon, syrup, and a pancake that was very nearly burnt. I suppose my palate is not very refined if I actually had to crunch a coffee bean to get it’s full flavor.

Overall, I really liked the coffee, and loved the aroma that filled my kitchen. Two hours later I can still smell it on my hands! I wouldn’t consider it an everyday flavor, but it will be a great treat on the weekend. And hey, next time I’ll just serve it with some bacon and get the whole experience. If you like to indulge in the occasional flavored coffee, I can recommend this one without reservation.


  • OOH, Make chocolate covered coffee beans out of them! Why has no one ever thought of that before, I love chocolate covered coffee beans, and bacon makes everything better….

    • Marianne says:

      Alexa, I wish you would move to Santa Barbara so we could join forces. You’re an evil bacon genius! I will definitely give this idea a try!

  • Dave says:

    That smell that stuck to your fingers…it’s the artificial maple flavor that coated the beans. There’s something about that stuff that can linger a long time. I cooked some cheap “maple” flavored bacon the other day, and that maple scent hung around in the house for days.

    • Marianne says:

      Oh my gosh, Dave, I could still smell it faintly on my fingertips the next morning. And I had washed dishes that night!

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