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dsc_0093Aaaah, the holidays. I just finished a nine-day weekend, and will be back at work for just two days before another five-day weekend. And amazingly, I still feel like I could use more time. I’m pretty confident that I could make a full-time job of not having a job. Oh well, until that big lottery win happens, I’ll just keep plugging along and be grateful that I have a job in these shaky times.

I’m also going to continue to be grateful for my husband, who bought me the world’s greatest cookbook for

Christmas. It’s called FAT by Jennifer McLagan, and it is wonderful. I had a hard time putting it down once I’d started reading. In addition to lots of fabulous, traditional recipes using all forms of animal fat, Ms. McLagan makes a strong case for the use of this magical ingredient. Using a combination of empirical evidence and scientific data, she convincingly describes the way that a lack of fat in our diet may even be hurting us. Here, here! Bring on the lard! My favorite thing about the book is that it calls pork fat “the king” of fats. I could go into a lengthy discussion of her varying arguments, but instead I’m just going to suggest that you go out and buy a copy and start improving your diet and your health today. You know you got a bookstore gift card in your stocking…

dsc_0078And now, before closing, I just want to brag that I made this amazing cake ¬†last week. And I only say this because I don’t bake. And I certainly don’t bake intricate layer cakes. And while I may not go to quite these lengths again any time soon, I do think I learned a valuable lesson about trying things that make me uncomfortable. If you are the kind of person who loves to bake, give this recipe a go. It was just unbelievably good. Mmm…I think there may be just enough left for breakfast.

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