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It’s my second favorite day of the year. I wish I could tell you I was going out tonight dressed as bacon like Gavin Rossdale, but I’m not. I’ll be Alice in Wonderland, an old tried and true. Because I’m being both cheap AND lazy this year! Remember in Alice when that baby turned into a piglet? Maybe I’ll wrap a package of bacon up as a baby and carry it along. Wouldn’t want anyone to think of me as NOT the bacon lady!

In celebration of this special day, I’m bringing back the Bac-o-lantern for your holiday viewing pleasure. Happy Halloween!!



  • John says:


    Thanks for the b-day greeting. I do remember that trip to Utah and the speeding ticket. Good times. Isn’t it cool that you can say that you’ve driven 100+ mph? I think it is.

    I never knew that you had such an obsession with bacon. I suppose we should all be passionate about something. I’d love to try some of your bacon some day.


  • That is great. Unfortunately they halloween isn’t big in AU, and I have to say that I really missed it, but your Bac-o-lantern gave me a smile. Thanks


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