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Great news from Rocco at Bacon Freak! There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether you can pair bacon with wine, and if so, how? RBS did just such a thing at our Bacon Day party, and it was a fun experiment to share with friends. I know Alexa over at International Bacon Day has been pondering the subject, too. So BaconFreak and CVWines put their heads together and came up with a great solution: they’ll pair the wine and bacon for us! It’s the Swine & Wine Club, and it’s a brilliant idea come to life.

swine-wineGarnering some expert help from local chefs, they’ve figured out which BaconFreak bacons go best with which wines, and taken the thinking out of the equation for their customers. Now you can sign up to receive 3 shipments of a great bottle of California wine and a pound of gourmet bacon. They’ll also send you a recipe to help enhance each particular pairing. You can choose the white or red wine club, and start indulging today!

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