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We’ve recently updated the Royal Bacon Society Bacon Store with all kinds of new and awesome bacon products.  Here’s our top 10 picks for this holiday gift giving season.

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1. Bacon Unisex Rock Socks

$10.00 – Buy it now!
Everyone wears socks, and everyone knows SOMEONE who LOVES bacon.  Show your friends you know what they care about by giving them a pair of premium BACON socks! Rock Sock BACON socks have a bold red leg and foot, bright pink toe and heel, and BACON spelled in big, white block letters down each calf. It’s a strong color combo that evokes the tastiest meat treat on the planet.

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2. Marini’s Candies Chocolate Covered Bacon Gift Box

$12.95 – Buy it now!
Hickory smoked bacon is cooked in the oven until golden & crisp then it’s smothered in milk chocolate. Comes in a 8 oz. gift box

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3. Bacon Candy

$7.70 – Buy it now!
These red and white striped hard candies look just like the ones that grandma used to put in her fancy candy dish for the holidays. But, my oh my, would grandma be in for a surprise if she popped one in her mouth! Instead of a standard candy flavor she’d discover a sweet and smoky bacon flavor. Truly one of our finest swine confections.

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4. Invader Zim Bacon Soap T-Shirt

$19.50 – Buy it now!
Aw, look at how helpful Gir is, he made you some bacon soap. I’d wash with real soap afterwards though.

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5. Vintage Bacon is Meat Candy

$27.00 – Buy it now!
A humorous faded vintage style Bacon is Meat Candy design for fans of bacon Funny Tee, TShirt, Shirt. About our Dark T-Shirt: Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt is what to wear when you want to go comfortably casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.5.6 oz. 100% cotton. Standard fit.

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6. Mr. Bacon’s Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

$6.94 – Buy it now!
Brushing your teeth with a strip of fried bacon is tricky. If it’s too crisp it will break apart as you brush and if ti’s too limp you won’t be able to remove any of the plaque. So when i’s time to brush your teeth, leave the bacon strips for breakfast and try this Bacon Toothpaste. It’s the perfect way to keep your teeth and gums healthy while coating your mouth with the delicious flavor of smoky meat!

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7. I Love Bacon! [Hardcover]

$19.99 – Buy it now!
Legendary chef and food writer James Beard wrote of bacon, There are few sights that appeal to me more than the streaks of lean and fat in a good side of bacon, or the lovely round of pinkish meat framed in delicate white fat that is Canadian bacon.  Whether you crave its flavorful crunch in the morning, the salty taste it lends to a Mediterranean BLT, or the way it transforms Spaghetti Carbonara, you’ll never be disappointed by bacon.

In I Love Bacon, Jayne Rockmill presents more than 50 bacon-themed recipes from some of America’s hottest chefs “from Cat Cora to Rick Tramonto, Ming Tsai, Jasper White, Andy Husbands and Joe Yonan, Pichet Ong, Bradford Thompson, John Besh, and many others along with mouthwatering photography.

With instructions on how to make bacon from scratch and how to feature bacon in brunch dishes, small bites, soups, salads, sides, entrees, and even cocktails and desserts, this full-color cookbook proves that bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

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8. Ginch Gonch Men’s I Love Bacon Sports Brief

$32.00 – Buy it now!
Sink your teeth into these I Love Bacon Sports Briefs with NEW crispy strip waistband.

9. Bacon Ornament

$6.48 – Buy it now!
From the glittery meat to the shiny metallic fat, this Bacon Ornament is totally blinged out. Each 4-1/2 (11.4 cm) tall plastic ornament looks fantastic hanging from a backpack or rearview mirror but for even more fun try wearing one as a necklace to your next backyard barbecue! Also great for adding some meaty dazzle to a Christmas tree, especially if i’s one of those gaudy aluminum trees. Comes with a string for hanging.

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10. Mr. Bacon – A handmade friend

Mr. Bacon is handmade with love in the USA using bacon-related techniques. It’s also important to know where your food comes from! Full nutrition facts included!
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