Bacon Noodles

Bacon Noodles

Oh dear. It’s early in the morning, but this recipe has just made me start thinking about dinner. I don’t know who this Young Cooking guy is, but I like the way he thinks. This image reminds me of the greasy, pan fried noodles I’d get at this tiny little Chinese resaurant back home. Only better because, you know, bacon.

Bacon noodles are very simply egg noodles mixed with chopped fried bacon and butter. Honestly, the photo looks better to me than the recipe sounds. But I could easily see making this into something fabulous with a few extra ingredients. Maybe some chopped blanched asparagus and some parmesan. Or chopped tomatoes, torn fresh basil, a little cream and some mozzarella. Oh man, this could go on and on. Egg noodles are definitely going on the next grocery list.

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  1. We like them plain and simple, but you have some great ideas for spicing them up to your liking.

    Mrs. Young Cook

    P.S. They are as good as they look :)


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