Bacon Sausage

Bacon Sausage

Ah, the ingenuity of bacon-lovers. Always out finding new ways to incorporate bacon into their daily lives by wrapping, stuffing or infusing a favorite dish with smoky goodness. And while I think many of us have made great strides in this arena, I’m officially handing the trophy to Dave of the Ridiculous Food Society.

We once featured bacon-wrapped sausage in our food porn section, but Dave has far surpassed this meaty obsession by making sausage out of bacon. That’s right, spiced and seasoned ground bacon inside sausage casing. (See the RFS link above for the full recipe.) And he made this entire thing up himself. I’m totally jealous.

You’ll have to check back with Dave’s site later today or tomorrow to see how the cooking and tasting went. I, for one, can hardly wait. In the meantime, here’s the bacon quote of the week:

“It’s a dog eat dog reich, and I’m wearing bacon pants.” -Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) disguised as Hitler in 1939 Berlin


  1. Of course my wife notes that this isn’t complete until you wrap the bacon sausage itself in bacon…

  2. Have you ever eaten something so sweet it made your teeth hurt? That’s kind of how I felt when I thought about bacon-wrapped bacon sausage. Only it was my stomach instead of my teeth.

  3. So, where can one buy this sausage bacon? Someone in the Chicago area made this but it is no longer available at the market where I shop.

    • Well, Dave actually made his own by grinding some bacon (food processor) and adding spices. I’ve never seen it for sale myself, but I’m sure it’s worth the work. I know I’ve really enjoyed making ground bacon for recipes like meatballs…


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