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Bacon Gifts

Bacon Watch

I thought that headline sounded more dramatic and exciting with the year thrown on the end, like a breaking news story. Which I suppose this is, because hey! It's an actual bacon watch! As in, a watch made of bacon!…
January 21, 2009
Bacon Art

Bacon Haikus and Zombies

I love haiku. It's a poetry form that requires discipline, but only briefly. Like a tiny sudoku or a 24-tile Rubik's cube. Once, during a particularly stressful time at work, my bo ss and I relieved our stress by exchanging…
January 7, 2009

Bacon-Wrapped Thanksgiving

We are getting very close to Thanksgiving...just 10 days to go! I can't wait to go shopping for all the necessary ingredients, and sit down and create my cooking schedule. I usually do my pies the night before, start making…
November 17, 2008

Bacon Chips

Lately I've been trying to determine my specific relationship to food. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, but I'm no gourmet. I love to eat, but I don't think I qualify as a "foodie." I think what…
April 22, 2008
Bacon Gifts

Bacon-Wrapped Dental Hygiene

Love to eat, but hate to floss? Me, too! I won't elaborate on my mental process, but the very thought of flossing kind of grosses me out. That's why the good folks at Archie McPhee have done it again. Bacon…
June 20, 2008
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