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bacon-cappuccino.jpgYou know what’s great about bacon blogging? It’s all the great ideas, recipes and products we stumble upon while doing our research. And I know I’ve said it about many things before, but I LOVE TODAY’S IDEA! Yes, I have already said that I love bacon when mixed with chocolate and maple syrup and adorable jewelry. But coffee? My love of coffee nearly rivals my love of bacon. So here we go, with yet another idea that I LOVE. (Should I say love again? Love.)

It’s a Bacon Cappuccino and more than any other breakfast partnership, this combination makes absolute sense to me. Not because my espresso needs the salty, smokiness of bacon. Not because bacon is the perfect accompaniment for espresso’s earthy bitterness. But because these are the two things most likely to make up my breakfast on any given day. Usually its just the espresso, but if I could always get that with a side of bacon, it would be like waking up on the right side of the bed for eternity. All my cares would just melt away and my eight hours of work would speed by like a dream about winning the lottery. I may be exaggerating about all that, but seriously, I want some bacon in my coffee.

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