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OMG! These look so good, and so easy to make. The brilliant Mr. B over at Bacon Today came up with this crafty idea, and I cannot wait to try it. Basically, you buy a tube of pre-made cinnamon rolls, unroll each one, place a strip of bacon inside and roll it back up. Cook according to the instructions on the tube and you’re done!

Skulls and Bacon had the same question I did: was the bacon done enough? Mr. B says he was fine with the bacon as it was, although he admits he’s not necessarily a crispy bacon guy. I have a feeling I would want to pre-cook the bacon just a little. Also, one of his readers tried the recipe and found that she had a hard time unrolling the rolls. Be sure you get a nice big can of high-quality dough to make your job easier. That said, I say we all go out and try it this weekend!


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