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As I mentioned yesterday, there are times when you want to step up your fashion game a bit. Whether you’re interviewing for a job, have a public speaking engagement, or are walking your daughter down the aisle, you still want to express yourself while looking your best.

If the bacon necktie is a bit too much for you, perhaps the more subtle approach of the Bacon & Eggs cufflink is just the thing you need. First we have the Barney’s / Antique Jewel Box version. This one shows only eggs on the outside with the bacon hidden in the sleeve to keep the eggs in place. While it’s very cute, I think the bacon should be more prominently placed. And at $300 – $350 a pair, I think I should get what I want.

The second version shows eggs on one sleeve and bacon on the other, giving equal face time to breakfast’s two greatest heroes. It also has a very stylish frying pan handle, adding a little more flash to the scene. And at just $27.56, I think I’ve just found the perfect stocking stuffer for my dad.


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