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I love when one idea snowballs into several others, and the bacon mat has been a major springboard for lots of bacon creations over the past few months. Of course there was the bacon cheese roll, followed by the bacon, chicken, cheese roll. And now this: the Bacon Explosion. Kaboom!

It was covered by the New York Times here, as a great idea for this weekend’s big game. But for the original step-by-step recipe, you can go to BBQ Addicts and see the carnage for yourself. This is more than just sausage wrapped in a bacon mat. This is a bacon mat topped with dry rub, covered in bulk pork sausage, topped with cooked chopped bacon and BBQ sauce, rolled together and thrown on a grill. Think you’re done yet? Wrong! Cover that sucker in another layer of BBQ sauce before resting briefly and slicing into juicy spirals of cardiac arrest. My breathing becomes labored just thinking about it.

bacon-explosion-2In the off chance that this recipe doesn’t do it for you, you can find lots of other great super bowl ideas at BBQ Addicts. These guys are a competitive BBQ team from Kansas City, so you know they know their stuff. Personally, I think it’s an amazing gift that these experts are willing to share their tips and recipes. I plan to bookmark this site and have the best summer BBQ season ever. Blam-o!


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