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donuts-and-bacon-shirtI just love the 4th of July. I wish I could say it was because I’m so patriotic. Don’t get me wrong; I’m wildly grateful to live in America and truly enjoy the freedoms that come along with that privilege, but let’s be honest:I love having a day off to barbecue and hang out at the beach. Santa Barbara may be the greatest July 4th spot in the US. Not only is it a beautiful city, generally sunny and warm (not blazing hot) in July, but there are amazing free fireworks displays at our downtown beach and in nearby Goleta. I love laying on the sand, watching the beauty overhead, feeling the pounding in my chest, and of course wiping the ashes from my face. Oh well, nothing’s perfect…this is just damn close.

So what does this have to do with bacon? Well, only that Roger Bacon is widely credited as the first European to write specific instructions for the preparation and use of black powder way back in the 1200s. Does this mean he invented fireworks? No, that was the ingenious Chinese. But he made those skills widely accessible through formal instruction, rather than by folk learning and the passing of knowledge from father to son, thereby sharing the joy of fireworks with the whole world. Incidentally, this also brought about rapid advances in warfare, so…good job? Whatever. Fireworks rule.

bacon-wrapped-chickenAnd of course since the 4th of July is America’s official BBQ holiday, bacon is going to play an important role in your day. Bacon cheeseburgers? Bacon-wrapped filet? A kebab of bacon-wrapped chicken chunks? Yes, yes please, and hell yes. So make sure that propane tank is at least as full that ice chest, and get to grilling. For those of you in counties that allow the purchase and ignition of smaller scale fireworks, be careful! Don’t blow off your fingers or start any brush fires. And for those of you in “dry” counties like mine, well…don’t drink and drive I guess. Everyone have a super 4th!

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