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This is absolutely fantastic. The Japanese, the craftiest of all scientist, have created a robot with the specific purpose of identifying wines. A mechanical sommelier. Researchers at NEC Systems Technologies and Mie University unveiled this adorable wonder two months ago, with all its quirks.

This little guy doesn’t actually taste the wine it’s identifying. Rather, it can be programmed to recognize the wine’s chemical composition with an infrared light shot straight through an unopened bottle. And it’s capable of identifying more than just wine. When comparing three identical looking apples, it can tell you which is sweet and which is not. We should have one of these in every produce department helping us pick a good melon!

So basically this robot is a food expert. And guess what happened when he “tasted” human flesh? That’s right. A curious reporter’s hand was identified as prosciutto, and his cameraman’s as bacon. Which can only mean one thing. The robots who eventually take over the world will be eating humans! Someone like me will taste just like bacon-stuffed bacon. I don’t stand a chance. Serves me right.

I wonder how I’d taste with a nice Sauvignon Blanc.

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