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Could there be two more heavenly words than bacon and pizza? And I don’t mean that Canadian variety so popular with the pineapples. I’m talking fat-marbled, skillet-fried, greasy, delicious bacon. According to Serious Eats’ Slice report, Famous Original Ray’s in NYC has made my pizza dreams come true.

Don’t axe me about the broccoli? spinach? something green and white pizza next to it. I couldn’t be less interested. Let’s hear more about a giant thin-crust pizza with nothing but cheese and bacon to keep it warm in my belly. This image is going to cause my salivary glands to tighten every time I think of it.

There’s a pretty great New York-style pizza place in my neighborhood. I might just have to take this photo to them and see if they bite. If they do, there will be a lot more pizza nights at my house.


  • Naseem says:

    omg when’s pizza night

  • melissa says:

    Every time I’ve ordered Bacon on my pizza, I’ve been asked, “you mean Canadian Bacon?” and I have to correct them. I’ve always felt guilty about it, like it was wrong. But now I will order Bacon on my pizza with my head held high. Thank you.

  • I’ve had Ray’s bacon pizza. There’s so much bacon, you can’t even taste the pizza really. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course.

  • KP says:

    Portland’s Apizza Scholls has a killer ‘Bacon Bianca’ pizza. No sauce, just two kinds of cheese, garlic and spices, and of course some killer bacon. Totally worth the trip.

  • marianne says:

    Portland seems to have lots of great bacon eats! I have got to get up there…

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