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bacon-plateDo you love bacon? Really? Are you sure? Because if you’re not wearing a t-shirt or in some way physically sporting your devotion, I’m not sure I can buy it. That’s why I’m so proud of our reader, Nick, who is clearly determined to show us all up with his bacon license plate. Assuming it’s really his…Nick, is this really your plate? Anyway, Nick or some New Yorker is cruising around, showing the world how he feels, and I’m super jealous. I wonder if this plate is already taken for California.

the-pigletIn other news, the folks at SOT have done it again. Acme sent me this response to the Bacon Explosion. At first I was all, “so it’s a bacon explosion with an extra bacon mat, right?” Wrong. After baking this double-wrapped porkfest, they topped it with what appears to be American cheese and BBQ sauce, and surrounded it with link sausage and pepperoni. Really DSnipe? Couldn’t fit it all inside? Come on! I feel a challenge in your future. May I suggest, at very least, throwing some string cheese in middle?

I have a feeling that the ripple affect of the Bacon Explosion is going to go on for years. Thanks again, BBQ Addicts!


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