My friend Christine sent me this recipe months ago, but I decided it really had to be saved for Thanksgiving. And now that November is here, the recipe sharing can commence. This pie is unique in many ways. First off, it has a graham cracker crust rather than a traditional pie crust. Score. Next, it calls for fresh pumpkin rather than the easy canned stuff I always use. Sounds challenging, but fun! Also, there’s cream cheese, possibly the best spreadable substance ever invented. And finally, 16, count ’em, 16 slices of maple bacon. Astounding! The pie got mixed reviews from those who tried the recipe, and I can see why this would not be everyone’s cup of tea. But that won’t stop RBS from spreading the word on any feasible bacon concoction!

I can actually see myself making this pie without the bacon, but pork has always played a prominent role in my Thanksgiving celebration. This year, I’ll be starting the day with the now-famous Bacon Cinnamon Rolls and mimosas. Guests are invited to show up as early in the day as they dare, but only if they plan to eat and drink as much as I do.

The main event will be a traditional turkey, stuffed with seasoned bread, apples, sweet and spicy Italian pork sausage and water chestnuts. On the side there’s always a mountain of mashed potatoes and a river of gravy. We buy all the green beans we can find and blanch them before sauteeing with bacon. Beyond that, there will be my mom’s butterhorn rolls, some sort of obligatory salad (with dried cranberries of course), and plenty of wine. No yams. No black olives. No cranberry sauce. All the stuff I love and none of the stuff I don’t.

With dessert we bust out the Maker’s Mark for Hot Toddies or bourbon & Cokes. Pumpkin pie is a must, bacon apple pie is currently under consideration, and ice cream will be introduced this year. We’re even thinking of doing Bobby Flay’s bourbon & root beer float. And now I need to know…what recipes are traditional at your Thanksgiving table? Do you have something that’s unique to your family? Do you have a recipe for an old standard that can’t be beat? Share with us! I’d love to add something new to my line-up!